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Lossless Coulson Dean McGuinness Flint & Mcguinness Flint – Lo and Behold (1972/2007) FLAC music download


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Lossless Coulson Dean McGuinness Flint & Mcguinness Flint – Lo and Behold (1972/2007) FLAC music download

Coulson Dean McGuinness Flint & Mcguinness Flint - Lo and Behold (1972/2007) FLAC
Artist: Coulson Dean McGuinness Flint & Mcguinness Flint | Album: Lo and Behold | Released: 1972/2007 | Label: Acadia | Catalog #: ACAM 8142 | Genre: Rock, Folk

This is one of the finest records of its era (originally issued on DJM and Sire) and, amazingly, as a record of cover versions, had lots of rock press credibility as well. It should have fared about as well as the Hollies’ venture into Dylan territory, except that Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint were more suited to the Dylan material, and the Dylan songs they chose were a deliberate effort to delve specifically into material that Dylan had not released (as of that time) in any official versions — this was stuff that was known either only as compositions, or from various white-label bootlegs that were around then. The result was a record as good as anything the Band ever turned in, a gorgeous, haunting electric/acoustic mixture with impassioned vocals, impeccable musicianship, and what were then revelations about some of Dylan’s best and least-known songs. (Remember, he was off the road then, and releasing maybe an album a year.) The numbers include “Eternal Circle” (added to this reissue in an alternate mix version as a bonus track), “Lay Down Your Weary Tune,” “Open the Door Homer,” “Don’t You Tell Henry,” “Get Your Rocks Off,” “Tiny Montgomery” (a bonus track previously available only as a single B-side), “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” “Let Me Die in My Footsteps,” “Lo and Behold,” and “Sign on the Cross.” The sound is stunningly clean, and the new historical notes by Tom McGuinness are cool.


01 Eternal Circle 3:01
02 Lo And Behold 4:12
03 Let Me Die In My Footsteps 4:18
04 Open The Door, Homer 4:26
05 Lay Down Your Weary Tune 4:13
06 Don’t You Tell Henry 1:57
07 Get Your Rocks Off 4:50
08 The Death Of Emmett Till 3:35
09 Odds And Ends 2:36
10 Tiny Montgomery 7:29
11 I Wanna Be Your Lover 3:38
12 Sign On The Cross 3:32
13 Eternal Circle [Alternative Mix] 3:04

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