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Lossless Marlene Dietrich – Marlene Singt Berlin Berlin (2006) FLAC (tracks + .cue) music download


Jan 18


Lossless Marlene Dietrich – Marlene Singt Berlin Berlin (2006) FLAC (tracks + .cue) music download

Marlene Dietrich - Marlene Singt Berlin Berlin (2006) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
Artist: Marlene Dietrich | Album: Marlene Singt Berlin Berlin | Released: 2006 | Label: EMI Music | Catalog #: 91495 | Genre: Pop, Chanson | Country: Germany | Duration: 00:39:23

A great collection of songs not of die Dietrich’s usual standards, rather a collection that speaks, or sings, to another aspect of that highly complex phenomenon, Marlene. In fact, some commentators have claimed that this was Dietrich’s own favorite album. And one can hear real joy and delight in Dietrich’s voice in these songs of her hometown. That joy is apparent for example in “Nach Meine Beene Ist Ganz Berlin Verrückt,” a song that could be a real candidate for a Dietrich theme song. After all, not just Berlin, but the entire world was quite crazy about her legs — and rightly so. And she, the Urberlinerin, sings all this in her distinctive Berlin Dialekt — “ick” for “ich”; “janz” for “ganz”; and, of course, “Beene” for “Beinen,” etc. — adding another layer of references to the song. It is interesting that Dietrich’s friend, Claire Waldoff with whom the song was associated, complete with Dialekt, was not originally from Berlin (and whose legs were not so commented upon as Dietrich’s).

There are other songs on this CD that sound as though Dietrich is singing about her own childhood complete with a palpable sense of fondness. She sings such classics as “Untern Linden” with such fine rapid phrasing and energy that is sounds almost like Gilbert & Sullivan “Model of a Modern Major General” like or for a more contemporary and also urban reference, early rap, or Madonnas rap-like sections of “Vogue”, but happier, livelier and better.


01. Solang noch unter’n Linden
02. Du hast ja keine Ahnung, wie schon du bist, Berlin
03. Durch Berlin fliesst immer noch die Spree
04. Mit dir, mit dir, da mocht’ ich sonntags angeln geh’n
05. Nach meine Beene ist ja ganz Berlin verruckt
06. Ja, das haben die Madchen so gerne
07. Wenn ein Madel einen Herrn hat
08. Lieber Leierkastenmann
09. Das war in Schoneberg
10. Unter’n Linden-unter’n Linden
11. Das Zille-Lied
12. Wenn du einmal eine Braut hast
13. Es gibt im Leben manchesmal Momente
14. Wo hast du nur die schonen blauen Augen her
15. Berlin-Berlin
16. Solang noch unter`n Linden

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