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Lossless Rhapsody – Power of The Dragonflame (2002) FLAC music download


Apr 18


Lossless Rhapsody – Power of The Dragonflame (2002) FLAC music download

Rhapsody - Power of The Dragonflame (2002) FLAC
Artist: Rhapsody | Album: Power of The Dragonflame | Released: 2002 | Label: Limb Music Products | Catalog #: LMP 0203-040 CD | Genre: Metal, Power Metal

OK, first off, I like this band! I have all their albums. Still I had not been very impressed after listening to their newest epos at first. Because the intro is as usual, bombastic, classical, opulent. After that we get a speed-song with tralala-chorus, as on every RHAPSODY-album. The problem is just that the “typical” openers of the Italians are almost exchangeable. And I do not only talk about “Knightrider Of Doom”, but especially “The Pride of the Tyrant”, where they copy themselves completely.

Then a song like “Lamento Eroico” is completely deplaced. This classic-ballad is sung greatly and is very well arranged, but it just makes me yawn. But there also is a lot of stuff on the album that is just great and majestic. RHAPSODY at best are “The March Of The Swordmaster” or “Agony Is My Name”. The latter is my favourite, because here classic and Metal merge into an impressive union. And of course I may not forget the long-tracker “Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness”, where really brilliant ideas are computed. I don’t want to give away too much. Just the band manages to keep up the tension for 19 minutes.

Bottom line: All in all I think that “Power Of The Dragonflame” is better than “Dawn Of Victory” and also “Rain Of A Thousand Flames”, but it definitively does not reach “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands”. Even though I have to admit that they are on a technically extremely perfect level! For all RHAPSODY-haters, who think that their music is keyboard-Speed with nursery rhyme-melodies: nothing has changed! RHAPSODY do what they can to best and they do that damn good!


01. In Tenebris (1:29)
02. Knightrider of Doom (3:57)
03. Power of the Dragonflame (4:27)
04. The March of the Swordmaster (5:04)
05. When Demons Awake (6:47)
06. Agony Is My Name (4:58)
07. Lamento Eroico (4:39)
08. Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse (5:48)
09. The Pride of the Tyrant (4:51)
10. Rise From the Sea of Flames (3:59)
11. Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness (19:03)

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