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Lossless Lena Mentschel – In My Little Garden (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download


Apr 18


Lossless Lena Mentschel – In My Little Garden (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download

Lena Mentschel - In My Little Garden (2014) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: Lena Mentschel | Album: In My Little Garden | Released: 2014 | Label: Edition Collage | Genre: Vocal Jazz, Jazz

In My little Garden is Lena Mentschels third and definitely most personal album-release. Eleven auto-biographic compositions give the listener a glimpse into the dreamy little soul-garden of a young woman, caught up in between rock’n’roll, fancy lemon butter cream cakes, total anarchy and freehold property.

Behind the thick walls of the maze which was carefully built around this garden, you can find some humorous short-stories – which of course speak about love in all its daft variations. But also, they speak about issues of a generation, that appears to be a bit lost in the chaotic „anything you want can be yours at anytime“ – century – where self-fullfillment plays such an important role, that people are on the edge of almost forgetting their own names. Love becomes a mystery, a fairytale from long gone ancient times. We fall in love, fall into despair, build mazes around our hearts and in the end we don‘t even manage to find our way back in.

And the first wrinkles show up around the anxoiusly happiness-seeking eyes – yet wisdom hasn‘t arrived yet. But then, quite unexpectedly, you become aware of the fact that everything is just a try. And well worth it, since nobody knows, what all of this is really about anyway. So here we go again, posting buddhist quotes and just move on…

On the record, various musical styles meet and seem to get along quite well – not even slightly worried about the Jazz / Pop – issue. A fantastic band (Michael Lagger (piano), Philipp Kopmajer (drums), Valentin Czihak (bass), Chris Neuschmid (guitars)) and a heart-warming singer create a unique sound, that every now and then tastes a bit like red wine and dark chocolate – one minute, you can feel a blue late summer melancholy – but then one minute later you’re already cruising down the west-coast in a convertible, drinking champagne.

Lena Mentschel – vocals, ukulele, compositions
Michael Lagger – piano
Chris Neuschmid – guitar
Valentin Czihak – double bass
Philipp Kopmajer – drums


01. In My Little Garden
02. Back Down
03. 28
04. Glow In The Dark
05. Tattoo #5
06. We’re So Bold
07. It Takes Time
08. Some Things
09. F. Sanity
10. Closing Time
11. Home (…With You)

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