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Lossless Funky DL – Jazzmatic 2 (Nas Remixes) (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download


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Lossless Funky DL – Jazzmatic 2 (Nas Remixes) (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download

Funky DL - Jazzmatic 2 (Nas Remixes) (2014) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: Funky DL | Album: Jazzmatic 2 [Nas Remixes] | Released: 2014 | Genre: Hip-Hop, Jazz | Country: UK | Duration: 00:59:14

Yes that’s right, setting the scene in your imagination once more; it’s the early 1940′s and tickets are completely sold out for the 2nd concert Nas and Funky DL are about to play at the most popular jazz club in town.

This time around, the duo return with a different collection of tracks and throw down for the audience who have excitedly packed the venue out.

Rumour has it that the performance will vary in jazz style from the previous “Jazzmatic” performance, but will be just as colourful and creative, with DL orchestrating the musicians and Nas effortlessly controlling the microphone with ‘words and flows of gold’.

This time, Nas is doing the photo duties alone with a slick pose just around the corner from the venue (check the artwork), whilst DL is inside putting the finishing touches to getting the sounds right before the night commences in a short while.

So get ready for another classic moment in music and entertainment as the these two greats unleash the audio brilliance of “Jazzmatic 2″.

Now all you have to do is… press play”, because “Time Is Jazzmatic”.

Hip-hop and jazz have made a synonymous marriage in music since the late 1980′s and the two have helped bridge the gap of not only generations of music lovers, but also taste’s. Once in a while, projects like the late Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” come along and give us an in-depth reminder of this powerful pairing of the genres.

It is no wonder then, when renowned producer Funky DL came along in March 2013 with an album entitled “Jazzmatic”, the underground hip-hop world lit up with excitement, as DL took to the boards blending his almost orchestral jazz hip-hop production as a back drop for hip-hop classics by Queensbridge’s one and only God like emcee, ‘Nas’.

With the social networks buzzin’ and blog posts all over the hip-hop world – including Miss Info of New York’s Hot 97 fame remarking on the brilliance of the project -, Funky DL shot up a notch in the minds and hearts of music lovers universally.

2014 being Nas’ 20th year anniversary of Illmatic -, Funky DL sets the tone again by releasing ‘Jazzmatic 2′, with a new collection of 1940′s nostalgic and jazz-esque remixes of Nas classics.

If there was ever any doubt that Funky DL could produce hip-hop for the finest rapper’s to ever walk the planet, that doubt ends here…

Jazzmatic 2 is yet again another demonstration of Funky DL’s hip-hop pedigree coming to light. The musical aim was never to mirror the original versions, but to instead capture a twist in direction and ignite the imagination of the listener with musical insight.

The album exposes what these Nas classics may have sounded like if time travel were possible. Nas doing a special set of alernative takes of his famous catalogue with some of the greatest jazz musicians available over solid hip-hop grooves may before have been something that had never taken place, but due to the creativity of London’s finest hip-hop producer, it is here in stereo and for everyone’s enjoyment. And Jazzmatic 2 intends that the enjoyment is for certain… and for keeps.


01 – 2nd Childhood (4:41)
02 – The World Is Yours (3:39)
03 – Nas Is Like (3:47)
04 – No Idea’s Original (3:03)
05 – Revolutionary Warfare featuring Lake (3:50)
06 – The Cross (3:28)
07 – I Can (4:55)
08 – U Gotta Love It (3:21)
09 – Black Zombie (4:03)
10 – One Mic (5:11)
11 – Outro (2:05)
12 – [BONUS FUNKY DL TRACK] Cut From The Illest (4:03)
13 – [BONUS FUNKY DL TRACK] Eye of a Needle featuring Ricko and Dyanna Fearon (5:15)
14 – [BONUS FUNKY DL TRACK] No Time For Looking Back (4:02)
15 – [BONUS TRACK] Eye of a Needle (Ricko’s Revenge Remix) (3:50)

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