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Lossless Pharaoh – Be Gone (2008) APE (image+.cue) music download


Apr 18


Lossless Pharaoh – Be Gone (2008) APE (image+.cue) music download

Pharaoh - Be Gone (2008) APE (image+.cue)
Artist: Pharaoh | Album: Be Gone | Released: 2008 | Label: Cruz Del Sur | Catalog #: CRUZ27 | Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Vocals: Tim Aymar
Guitars: Matt Johnsen
Bass: Chris Kerns
Drums: Chris Black

Pharaoh is an American band of Power Metal. Don’t worry this band doesn’t play some kind of European boring Power Metal but it doesn’t mean too that the combo, with their third album “Be Gone” will be able to surprise us. One more time, sadly, I have to say that we’re in front of a good release which simply suffers of a real lack of originality. “Be Gone” is not bad but unfortunately there are a lot of others similar releases and I don’t see why and how this album could find a real important success…

What can I say about “Be Gone” except that the better word to represent this album is the word “average”? Here, I’m not talking about the performance of the musicians which is really solid especially the voice of Tim Aymar which is a bit similar to the one of Matt Barlow (when he doesn’t sing with his high voice), but about the fact that this release is simply too generic for me. I mean that ok the songs are well done, it’s good Power Metal but God there are a ton of other bands which play the same kind of music. The originality of “Be Gone” is equal to zero and since that the band didn’t write anything outstanding here will not help them to attract a lot of new fans. Their Power Metal is heavy at least and a bit dark which is not a bad thing, but this is really repetitive and monotonous in the end.

“Be Gone” has a so-so production, this is correct but not outstanding too. This mixing is a bit simple even if the musicians aren’t so penalized by this little mistake. Some songs like “No Remains” or “Speak To Me” are ok and with good choruses but even if we have some good tracks, it doesn’t save the whole album. I say it again but an album like “Be Gone” is too classic to give you the feeling that you’re listening something special and new.

What can I add? The new Pharaoh is not a bad album but “Be Gone” was heard 10 000 000 other times before that the band released it. If you’re looking for good Power Metal you can still go for this album but be sure that you’ll not discover anything new on this new release.
Taken from MetalStorm


01. Speak To Me
02. Dark New Life
03. No Remains
04. Red Honor
05. Buried At Sea
06. Rats And Rope
07. Cover Your Eyes And Pray
08. Telepath
09. Be Gone

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